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Antivet Kit Dental Whitening and Enamel Cleaning Kit NEW Treatment to Fluorosis

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Antivet Kit® Enamel Cleaning and Whitening Kit ( Expiry 2022 )

It acts directly on stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or drinking without damaging the enamel.

An effective and reliable dental stain remover with only one dental visit.

A Fast and permanent system.

ANTIVET is specially formulated for the cleaning of teeth with pigmentation (brownish stains) on the surface of the enamel because of dental fluorosis.

The formula based acid is chemically stabilized to a controlled pH. This is necessary as it reacts with the positive ions in the forming minerals, which clean the structure of the enamel of the teeth without affecting it. It only extracts organic and inorganic substance ions that are occupying the spaces that exist between calcified crystals of fluoridate.

Advantages Does not harm dental enamel permanent cleaning (due to fluorosis)Results seen in the first session No post occurs


 Cleaning Solution 0.34 oz.

    – Neutralizing Solution 0.34 oz. 

– 2 brushes                                                                                         

– 1 godete                                                                               

– 5 dental dam sheets

– 1 Instructions


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