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Dental Philips Zoom Daywhite Acp 14% Whitening Kit – 3 Syringe Pack (1 Patient)

The most dramatic results for a healthy, white smile. Philips Zoom DayWhite 14% is best for patients who want dramatic results and prefer to wear their trays for a minimal amount of time.

Daywhite with patented amorphous calcium phosphate technology has been clinically shown to

-Reduced transient sensitivity

-increase enamel smoothness and gloss


Features :-

The most dramatic results for a healthy, white smile by day.
Philips Zoom DayWhite Maximum white is best for patients who want dramatic results and prefer to wear their trays for a minimal amount of time.
Wear time: 15 minutes, twice a day.
Optimum results within two weeks.

Key Specifications :-

14% hydrogen peroxide
Can be used for chair-side or home bleaching
Dual Barrel Syringe Technology The advanced technology of the patented dual barrel syringe allows the Peroxide chamber to remain separate from the activator chamber until the moment of use. This allows the freshest blend of gel to be dispensed every time your patients whiten.

Directions to Use :-

Floss and brush your teeth.
In a counterclockwise motion, twist off the clear plastic cap from the syringe.
Twist the mixing tip clockwise to lock on the end of the syringe.
Place a small dot of gel in each tooth compartment in the tray. Important: Overloading trays with gel may cause temporary gum irritation.
Place a tray with gel in your mouth. Bubbling within trays is normal.
Use extra care to avoid getting gel on your gums. Remove excess gel with a cotton swab or a dry toothbrush.
Once finished placing gel in trays, remove mixing tip from syringe and replace with clear plastic cap. This ensures ingredients in each side of the barrel stay separate for maximum effectiveness.
After whitening, rinse trays with cold water. Use a toothbrush to remove any residual gel. Place trays in a storage case and store in a cool dry place.
Rinse teeth to remove excess gel


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