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Anabond Orthofix Kit

  • Light Cure Orthodontic Bonding System


Light Cure Orthodontic Bonding System

Light Cure Adhesive 2 x 4g, Light Cure Primer 2x 3.5ml, Etchant Gel 1 x 5g (with 2 Cannulas) & Micro Tip Brushes 20 Nos

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Dental Brand 3m Espe

  • Light Cure Adhesive 2 x 4g
  • Light Cure Primer 2x 3.5ml
  • Etchant Gel 1 x 5g (with 2 Cannulas)
  • Micro-Tip Brushes 20 Nos


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Septodont Alveogyl For Dry Socket

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  • With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of the socket and a good adherence to the alveolus.
  • Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain.

GDC Bracket Placing Tweezer (1132)

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  • GDC Bracket Placing Tweezer (1132)

Cologenesis Colo Glide GTR Membrane

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  • The ColoGide is derived from a bovine Source, Its is a resobable, non-friable barrier membrane obtained from highly purified Type- l collagen derived from specially controlled and certified animals and is highly purified to avoid any antigenicity.

Papacarie Dental Caries Remover

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Indications: In the removal of root caries lesions, deep caries lesions and caries lesions in children, babies, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Eliminates decayed dentin preserving healthy tissue without the use of local anesthesia and the use of rotary cutting instruments in most cases

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