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Eighteeth Airpex Wireless Apex Locator

Wireless Apex Locator


Eighteeth Airpex Wireless Apex Locator
Full wireless experience with the AirPex wireless Apex Locator from Eighteeth. 
A revolutionary product designed to be wire-free and easy to use.
Autoclavable Components:
  • File clip
  • Lip hook
  • Touch probe
  • Extension cord
File clip and lip hook must be pre-cleaned and sterilized before every use.
  • Use a soft brush or moist cloth to remove visible
  • contaminations, then wipe all the surfaces with a cloth lightly moistened with Ethanol for disinfection (Ethanol 70 to 80vol%) at least 1 min, repeat for 5 times.
  • Latest generation miniature apex locator
  • Wireless charging
  • Eliminates cables- connects directly onto the patient’s mouth via lip clip
  • Multiple silicone sleeve color options
Pack each component in a separate steam-sterilization


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