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Woodpecker New Endo- Gold dental Motor Cordless with Reciprocating mode

  • Wireless handpiece enables more convenient operation.
  • Adopt real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, effectively preventing needle breakage.
  • Storage of 9 user-defined modes allows invocation at any time. Under each mode, Continuous Rotation Mode, Reciprocating Motion Mode, and Reverse Rotation are options.


The Woodpecker Endo Gold Endomotor is a specialized device used in Endodontic treatment, specifically during root canal procedures. Its primary function is to mold and clean the root canal for effective treatment. The Endomotor offers several advantages and features that contribute to its efficiency and usability. One notable feature is the OLED display, which provides clear visibility and enhances user experience. The display shows various important parameters and settings, including customized program sequences numbered from 1 to 9, operation mode, battery consumption, set speed, set torque, file system, and real-time torque. This comprehensive display allows the dentist or endodontist to have precise control over the treatment process.

The Woodpecker Endo Gold Endomotor is indicated for shaping root canals during root canal treatment. It offers advantages over traditional hand files by utilizing rotary endodontics, which
enhances efficiency and precision. The wireless handpiece feature of the Endomotor enables convenient operation. It incorporates real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, which effectively prevents needle breakage during procedures. The device also offers storage for 9 user-defined modes, allowing easy access to personalized settings. Under each mode, options such as Continuous Rotation Mode, Reciprocating Motion Mode, and Reverse Rotation can be selected.


OLED display

  • Customized program sequence number 1-9, total 9 programs
  • Operation mode
  • Battery consumption
  • Set speed
  • Set torque
  • File system
  • Operation mode
  • Torque setting
  • Real-time torque

a) Clockwise rotation: Load value is lower than preset torque value
b) Counterclockwise rotation: Load value is higher than preset torque value.


  • The device is suitable for shaping the root canals during root canal treatment & an advantage in replacing the hand files to rotary endodontics.


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