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Woodpecker i-Scan Dental Image Plant Scanner Digital Oral Imaging Sensor

Features of this device: a) Ultra-high image resolution can provide doctors with clearer diagnostic images. b) High-quality user interface makes photographing and reading easier. c) Large touch HD display.
Primary Technical Paramers:
1) Power adapter input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
2) Power adapter output: DC 15V 3.2A
3) IP imaging plate model: the Woodpecker I Scan include 4pc plates, size: 1pc 0, 1pc 1, 2pc 2 .  you also can use other brand plate.
4) Threshold contrast: 4 holes of 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm  can all be distinguished
5) Image uniformity:<2%
6) Weight: 4.5KG
7) Effective imaging area
Specifications Maximum dimensions (mm)
X-direction Y-direction
0 21 32
1 23 39
2 30 40
3 26 53
8) Class Ⅰ laser product, complying with the EN 60825-1:2014 standard and meeting the basic requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
9) The max output of laser radiation, emitted wavelength and standard version of this product:
   Max output of laser radiation: 28mW Emitted wavelength(s) : 651-665nm Name and publication date of the standard: IEC/EN 60825-1:2014
10) Scanning speed
Scan mode Scan time
Fast scan 7s
High-precision scan 10s
Ultra-high precision scan 15s
Operation Environment :
Environment temperature: 5℃ ~ 40℃ Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75% Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa


Woodpecker DBA i-Scan X-ray imaging Plate Scanner product fit for Windows system.
Twain Driver Compatible, working with Eagle Soft, Open Dental, Dexis, Tab32, Ortho2 and much more software.
The software has a choice of language. Language  are optional, it have English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, etc.
Warranty: 2 Years


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