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Vita MFT Denture Teeth 2M2 (Set of 28)

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Vita MFT Denture Teeth 2M2 (Set of 28)

The VITA MFT (Multi-Functional Teeth) dental line by Vita introduces a revolutionary approach to prosthetics, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. Its innovative Easy-Centric feature streamlines the setup process for dental professionals, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The natural-looking anatomy of VITA MFT anteriors ensures a seamless, authentic alignment, while the labial curve and discreetly broadened tooth necks support natural aesthetics. The occlusal surfaces’ pre-abraded design aids in efficient lingualized setup, enhancing stability during mastication for prolonged longevity. With an exceptional quality-to-price ratio, VITA MFT teeth are a versatile choice for the independent market. This line ushers in a new era of dental aesthetics, uniting form and function seamlessly, and the Easy-Centric concept redefines the setup procedure. For detailed insights, consulting dental professionals or official Vita resources is advised.


  • Simplifies the setup of dentures by predefining contact points for almost automatic occlusion.
  • Provides a high degree of setup reliability through function-optimized occlusal surfaces for a controlled centric occlusion.
  • Enables a high degree of standardization thanks to consistently reproducible contact relationships.

Suited for:

  • Full dentures
  • Implant prosthetics
  • Telescope and cone constructions
  • Attachment dentures
  • Model cast prostheses
  • Interim solutions


  • Easy-Centric Design: The innovative Easy-Centric feature simplifies the setup process by allowing the teeth to naturally find their centric position. This streamlines the setup procedure, saving time and effort for dental professionals.
  • Natural-Looking Anatomy: The VITA MFT teeth are designed with a natural appearance, including anatomical details such as approximal contacts and incisal placement. This ensures a seamless and authentic alignment, contributing to a lifelike aesthetic outcome.
  • Physiological Labial Curve: The meticulously calculated labial curve replicates the natural curvature of teeth. This design element enhances the physiological accuracy of the setup, supporting a more comfortable and functional prosthesis.
  • Discreetly Broadened Tooth Necks: The tooth necks are thoughtfully designed to be subtly broadened. This feature aids in creating an age-appropriate papilla design, contributing to a realistic and aesthetic arrangement.
  • Pre-Abraded Occlusal Surfaces: The occlusal surfaces of VITA MFT teeth come pre-abraded. This design promotes an efficient lingualized setup, minimizes horizontal shear forces during mastication, and enhances the stability and durability of the prosthesis.
  • Versatile Application: VITA MFT teeth are positioned as an all-purpose solution, suitable for various dental prosthetic applications. This versatility makes them adaptable to a wide range of patient needs and treatment plans.
  • Quality-to-Price Ratio: These teeth offer an exceptional quality-to-price ratio, making them a valuable choice for dental professionals seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: VITA MFT teeth are a new dimension in dental aesthetics, combining natural-looking design with functional features. This focus on aesthetics contributes to improved patient satisfaction and overall treatment success.
  • Enhanced Longevity: The thoughtful design elements, including the occlusal surfaces and anatomical details, contribute to the stability and durability of the prosthesis. This can lead to increased longevity and reduced need for frequent adjustments.
  • Professional Confidence: With their advanced features and innovative design, VITA MFT teeth provide dental professionals with a solution that can instill confidence in the setup process, leading to improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Key Specification:

  • Material: HC Polymer
  • Sizes: 12 Anterior Teeth (Right and Left Upper), 16 Posterior Teeth (Right and Lower)


Set of 28:

  • 12 x Anterior Teeth (U/L)
  • 16 x Posterior Teeth (U/L)


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