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Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough Soft Denture Liner Kit

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Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough Soft Denture Liner Kit – Soft is an advanced addition-cured silicone chairside soft lining material, conforming to ISO 10139-2. With PASTE, PRIMER, and essential tools, it ensures a quick intraoral setting, offering excellent durability, adhesion, and tear resistance. Ideal for addressing pain, poor retention, or major undercuts, it provides lasting smoothness and reduces discoloration.

Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough Soft Denture Liner Kit – Medium offers the same benefits with a focus on higher durability. Perfect for cases where extended resilience is paramount, it balances toughness and softness. The kit includes PASTE, PRIMER, and accessories, conforming to ISO 10139-2 standards for exceptional chairside soft lining in removable dentures.

  • Pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and atrophy of mucosa
  • Poor retention caused by extreme ridge atrophy
  • Major undercuts or maxillary/mandibular tori
  • Retention of overdentures before the final attachment is placed
  • Temporary relining or tissue conditioning


  • Excellent Durability
  • Strong adhesion to the denture
  • High tear resistance
  • Less-discoloration
  • Lasting surface smoothness
  • Easy auto-dispensing system
  • Available: – Silicone Remover (sold separately) for the removal of old reline materials

Key Specifications:

One of the Softest Silicone Relining Material


 Sofreliner Tough (Medium) Kit:-

  • SOFRELINER TOUGH M(Medium) Paste/Base paste (27g)
  • Catalyst paste (27g)
  • Primer (10mL)
  • TD II Mixing Tips XS (x10)
  • Shape adjustment point (White)
  • Finishing point (Brown)
  • Spatula
  • Drip-cap for primer
  • 1 x Plastic cup
  • 1 x Brush no. 5


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