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Tokuyama Palfique 7th Generation Bond 5ml

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Palfique 7th Generation Bond 5ml, available in a 5ml bottle, is a cutting-edge, one-component, self-etching dental adhesive system designed for efficient and reliable bonding. With a simplified one-coat application process, this light-cured adhesive exhibits exceptional handling properties and superior marginal integrity when applied to cut or uncut enamel and dentin. PALFIQUE 7th Generation Bond is compatible with light- or dual-cured composite materials, making it versatile for various restorative procedures, including fractured porcelain or composite repairs. The adhesive formulation includes key components like Phosphoric acid monomer, Bisphenol A di(2-hydroxy propoxy) dimethacrylate (Bis-GMA), and Camphorquinone. The quick 10-second application time, 5-minute working window, and room temperature storage for up to two years contribute to its user-friendly nature. Dental professionals benefit from a reliable and esthetic bonding solution that prioritizes both simplicity and effectiveness in modern restorative dentistry.


  • One-component, one-coat application for simplified dental bonding.
  • Self-etching technology reduces technique sensitivity.
  • Compatible with light curing, utilizing camphorquinone wavelength (peak: 470nm).
  • Demonstrates exceptional marginal integrity on both cut and uncut enamel and dentin.
  • Versatile compatibility with light- or dual-cured composite materials.
  • Quick 10-second application time enhances procedural efficiency.
  • Extended 5-minute working time under a light-blocking plate for precise placement.
  • Convenient room temperature storage for up to 2 years.
  • Low pH of approximately 2.8 ensures suitability for dental applications.
  • Excellent handling properties contribute to user-friendly application.

Key Specifications:


  • Phosphoric acid monomer
  • Bisphenol A di(2-hydroxy propoxy) dimethacrylate (Bis-GMA)
  • Triethylene glycol dimethacrylate
  • 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA)
  • Camphorquinone
  • Alcohol
  • Purified water


  • Temperature: Store PALFIQUE 7th Generation Bond at a temperature between 0 to 25ºC (32 to 77ºF).
  • Conditions: Keep the adhesive away from heat, direct sunlight, sparks, and open flames.
  • Expiration Date: Do not use after the indicated expiration date on the bottle/package.
  • Inactivity: If not in use for a prolonged period, store in a cool dark place.
  • Seals: Do not use if safety seals are broken or appear to have been tampered with.


  • 1 x Palfique 7th Generation Bond Bottle ( 5ml )


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