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Dental Gluma Comfort Bond 4ml (Gluma Bond5) by Heraeus Kulzer

Comfort Bond


Gluma Comfort Bond 4ml (Gluma Bond5) by Heraeus Kulzer

  • The total-etch adhesive in one bottle for priming, bonding and desensitising.
  • Simple application without prior mixing.
  • Suitable both for moist and dry bonding techniques.
  • For bonding direct composite and compomer restorations, as well as indirect restorations
  • (such as ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays) using   lightcuring or dual-curing cements
  • Based on our long-term bonding expertise, we developed the 5th generation etch & rinse one-bottle adhesive GLUMA Bond5. Produced to meet your everyday requirements for uncomplicated bonding, it exhibits excellent shear bond strength and ensures successful long-term restorations. GLUMA Bond5 produces excellent adhesion to the enamel and the dentine, as well as an optimal marginal sealing.


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Septodont Alveogyl For Dry Socket

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  • With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of the socket and a good adherence to the alveolus.
  • Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain.

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