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Cologenesis Colo Plug Sterile Collagen Sponge 8x20mm (Pack of 10)

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Sterile Collagen Sponge

  • Colo Plug is a soft resorbable collagen Matrices engineered from highly purified Type-1 Collagen derived from Achilles tendon
  • The pore size of the plug allow to absorb fluid and blood at the defect site.
  • Due to Collagen fibers Colo Plug have intrinsic hemostatic properties for the control of bleeding.
  • It also protects the wound bes and accelerates the healing process.

Indications for use:

  • Aids in closure of extraction sites
  • Control bleeding in extraction sockets
  • Controls bleeding in biopsy sites

  • Size : 8 x 20 mm


  • Can be easily trimmed during surgery for a custom fit.
  • Can be wetted with saline or blood from the local site.
  • Resorbs as connective tissue grows into and through the collagen.
  • Provide containment of graft material in its intended position.
  • Application areas :
  • Extraction sites.
  • 4-wall sockets.
  • Biopsy sites.
  • Oral hemostatic applications.



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