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Bisco TheraCal PT DC Resin Modified Calcium Silicate Material

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Bisco TheraCal PT DC Resin Modified Calcium Silicate Material

Bisco TheraCal PT DC Resin Modified Calcium Silicate Material is an advanced solution for pulpotomy treatment, meticulously crafted to preserve tooth vitality while ensuring optimal clinical outcomes. This biocompatible material serves as a protective barrier for the dental pulpal complex, maintaining its integrity and function. Its dual-cured nature allows for versatile application, offering both self-curing and light-curing options for enhanced procedural flexibility. TheraCal PT excels in pulpotomies, pulp capping, and as a liner/base material, catering to a range of clinical needs. With its radiopacity, moisture tolerance, and alkaline pH, it fosters an environment conducive to pulp vitality. Part of BISCO’s TheraFamily, TheraCal PT features a unique hydrophilic resin matrix that facilitates controlled calcium release, promoting tissue regeneration and healing. Its syringe delivery system ensures precise placement, streamlining procedures for efficient treatment delivery. TheraCal PT stands as a testament to BISCO’s commitment to innovation and excellence in dental materials, offering clinicians a reliable tool for optimal patient care and outcomes.


  • Pulpotomy.
  • Pulp exposures (direct pulp capping).
  • Protective liner (indirect plup capping).


  • Pulpotomy Treatment: Primarily designed for pulpotomy treatments.
  • Pulp Capping Agent: May be placed on pulp exposures (direct pulp capping) after hemostasis is obtained.
  • Protective Liner: Suitable as a protective liner or base under a variety of substrates.
  • Biocompatible: Biocompatible, resin-modified, calcium silicate material.
  • Calcium Release: Unique hydrophilic matrix facilitates calcium release.
  • Pulp Vitality: Alkaline pH promotes pulp vitality.
  • Dual Cured: Confidently place TheraCal PT in one layer as it is a dual cured material.
  • Moisture Tolerant: Unlike calcium hydroxide, TheraCal PT has low solubility and will not wash out over time.
  • Radiopaque: Radiopaque for easy detection on radiographs.
  • Easy Syringe Application: Unlike traditional MTA products, there is no mixing by hand. Easily and directly dispense TheraCal PT from the dual-barrel auto-mix 4g syringe.
  • Time Saver: Restore in 1 office visit with quick working and setting times: WT=45 seconds at 35°C (min.) ST= 5 minutes at 35°C (max.)

Key Specifications:

  • Working Time: 45 Sec min. at 35°C
  • Setting Time: 5 minutes max. at 35°C
  • pH Level: Alkaline at 7 days


  • 1 x 4gm Syringe
  • 30 x Tips
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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