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3m Espe Adper Single Bond 2

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3M™ ESPE™ Adper™ Single Bond 2 Adhesive is a highly advanced dental bonding agent designed for a wide range of dental applications. This adhesive builds upon the success of the original Adper Single Bond adhesive, offering a total etch, visible-light activated formula enriched with a 10% weight of 5nm diameter silica filler. It is primarily intended for direct light-cured restorative procedures and addressing cervical sensitivity. Moreover, it can be effectively employed in bonding laboratory-made composite or porcelain veneers when combined with RelyX™ Veneer Cement and for securing amalgam and other indirect dental applications in conjunction with RelyX™ ARC adhesive resin cement.

Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive comes in two convenient options, either as a vial with a unique translucent design for visual inspection or in a hygienic unit dose delivery system, simplifying the application process. Its composition comprises key components like BisGMA, HEMA, dimethacrylates, ethanol, water, and a specialized photoinitiator system, along with a polyalkenoic acid copolymer known for its moisture resistance properties. The inclusion of nanotechnology is a notable feature, with 5 nanometer-diameter silica particles ensuring stable suspension without the need for frequent shaking, distinguishing it from adhesives with larger filler particles prone to settling.

This adhesive achieves its strong bond through a micromechanical process, involving the demineralization of enamel and dentin surfaces with a phosphoric acid treatment.


  • All direct, light-cured bonding procedures.
  • Indirect bonding procedures when combined with 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ ARC Adhesive Resin Cement.
  • Root surface desensitization.
  • Porcelain and composite repair.
  • Bonding veneers in combination with RelyX™ Veneer Cement from 3M ESPE.


  • Special cap for minimum evaporation
  • Maintains bond strength – Outstanding shelf life
  • Excellent shear bond strength provides exceptional bonding performance
  • Nanofiller is stable and will not settle out of dispersion
  • Cap snaps securely shut minimizing evaporation
  • Ethanol/water-based adhesive maintains its shear bond strength over time to yield an outstanding shelf life
  • Convenient squeeze bottle delivery with attached “pinch & flip” cap for less mess and less waste
  • Translucent bottle makes it easy to see how much adhesive is left

Key specifications:

  • Adhesive Type: Total etch, visible-light activated
  • Silica Filler Content: 10% by weight of 5nm diameter silica particles
  • Curing Time: 10 seconds (can be reduced to 5 seconds with specific LED curing light)
  • Nanoparticle Size: 5 nanometer-diameter silica particles
  • Suspension Stability: Stable suspension, no need for routine shaking
  • Bonding Mechanism: Micromechanical bond through acid etching and interlocking resin tags
  • Shelf Life: Approximately 10 months for vial version


  • BisGMA
  • HEMA
  • Dimethacrylates
  • Ethanol
  • Water
  • Novel photoinitiator system
  • Polyalkenoic acid copolymer


  • 1 x 6g Bottle



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